CDS rolls out internal nuclear safety initiative

CDS Energy Services, the Hull-based specialist in energy contracting services, has rolled out a highly successful nuclear safety initiative covering the ‘8 Principles of Nuclear Safety’ in the form of posters situated around its facilities.

The posters were developed to ensure that safety remains the team’s number one priority at all times. This is especially important as the team continues its work with nuclear decommissioning authority Sellafield.

CDS defines nuclear safety as ‘realising the design intent through the quality of workmanship in order to protect our people and the environment’.

CDS’s 8 principles of nuclear safety, as displayed on the posters:

  1. Everyone is personally responsible for nuclear safety
  2. Leaders demonstrate commitment to safety
  3. Trust permeates the organisation
  4. Decision-making reflects safety first
  5. Nuclear technology is recognised as special and unique
  6. A questioning attitude is cultivated
  7. Organisational learning is embraced
  8. Nuclear safety undergoes constant examination

Safety has and will always remain a number one priority in any contract undertaken by CDS. The company holds a number of safety and quality accreditations, having proven its commitment to safe working on all of its projects.

CDS is a member of the following:

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