CDS Energy Services renew FPAL registration

CDS Energy Services has recently had its FPAL (First Point Assessment) certification renewed, following a stringent audit process to confirm the firm’s capabilities and safe practices. The re-certification demonstrates the firm’s continued high-quality delivery of projects since first being awarded the certification.

FPAL is a supplier management database available to operators and large service providers in the European oil and energy industry, which enables transparent and efficient collaboration with high-quality suppliers like CDS Energy.

The information that this certification provides for potential CDS clients negates the need for repetitive requests for information, greatly simplifying the tender process by assuring them of the quality and effectiveness of the business operations early in the process.

CDS Energy offers a wide range of services, from bespoke projects to turnkey solutions, and its listing on the leading oil and gas supply chain database for the UK and Netherlands will allow it to continue to expand the scale of its operations.

FPAL has greatly increased the visibility of CDS Energy, making the process of taking on new projects much simpler. This allows the company’s skilled employees to focus their efforts on providing the high-calibre service the business is known for, without the extra pressure of a complicated and costly procurement cycle.

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