CDS Completes Platform Works in Danish Gas Field

CDS has completed a multi-million pound contract to deliver essential repairs to two platforms in one of Europe’s largest offshore gas field.

The East Yorkshire-based specialist carried out a series of works, including replacing two bridges and two flare stacks, on the Tyra East and Tyra West platforms in Denmark’s Tyra Field on behalf of Maersk & Seaway Heavy Lifting.

The project required a total field shutdown within a very short duration and in order to deliver the works, CDS supplied 120 workers and tradesmen, including riggers, pipefitters, platers, welders, crane operators and rope access personnel.

Danny Laybourne, managing director at CDS, said: “All of the associated works of this contract were completed successfully and on time within a very strict timeframe. We are delighted to have carried out these works on behalf of Maersk & Seaway Heavy Lifting and to have been given the opportunity to showcase our expertise in such a challenging environment once again.

“This was a major new win for CDS, strengthening our reputation for providing cost-effective and innovative offshore solutions. The project was both technically and time critical . It involved five months of planning prior to the delivery stage which had to be completed to limit the operational and commercial impact. We look forward to working with Maersk & Seaway Heavy Lifting in the future.”

CDS supplied work packs, lifting plans, tooling, equipment, all third party inspection and 28 24” butt welds as well as running 12 weld procedures and organising all planning and scheduling.

Tyra Field is the largest gas condensate field in the Danish Sector of the North Sea. It was discovered in 1968 and production started in 1984.

The total proven reserves of the Tyra gas field are around 1,250 billion cubic feet, and production is centered around 237.8 million cubic feet per day.

Tyra Field has two production complexes named Tyra West and Tyra East, connected by pipelines.

The facilities include both oil and gas production streams delivered from 20 gas-producing wells and 28 oil producing wells. Each platform has two wellhead platforms with compressed gas exported to Denmark and the Netherlands.

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