Specialist Training – Hazardous Atmosphere Gas Tester Training


Specialist Training – Hazardous Atmosphere Gas Tester Training
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)
Awali Refinery - BAPCO Training and Development
£58,000 (phase 1)


The commercial success and safety of any operation is dependent upon the competence of its workforce. Whilst vendor-specific training can build ‘craft skills’, operations competence relies on experience underpinned by specialist knowledge and understanding of basic principles that transcends normal vendor product training. Once Bahrain Petroleum Company personnel had experienced the theoretical, technical and practical knowledge aspect of the specific specialised training course they attended whilst on home leave from Bahrain, they realised that the unique training approach was essential for their operation.

The phase 1 specialist Authorised Gas Tester (AGT1) training course (for which the curriculum is approved by OPITO) was delivered at the site training complex to senior operations staff (96) responsible for site work permit issue and control. The course  comprises essential gas detection theory was supported by understanding the reasons for atmosphere testing required to control the short term physiological and long-term chronic effects of gasses and vapours on personnel, with learning assessed in a written test and augmented by a site practical test on the use of gas detection devices
for hot work and confined space entry activities.

The key areas of the course included:

  • Legislative controls
  • Properties characteristics and behaviours of flammable and toxic gasses
  • Asphyxiating and narcotic effects
  • Gas sensors – personal, transportable and portable
  • Confined space regulations – including practical exercises
  • Hot Work gas testing – including practical exercises
  • Multiple choice questionnaire and practical assessment.

One of the outcomes of the phase 1 course was the identification of incorrect gas detection technology used for certain site activities – with this knowledge, the shortfall was immediately corrected.

Specialist Training – Hazardous Atmosphere Gas Tester Training
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