Rough Storage 3B Offshore Recovery Project


Rough Storage 3B Offshore Recovery Project
Centrica Energy
CDS Fabrication Shop and Site Construction Offshore 3B Platform
£10M (full recovery cost £63M)


CDS’s scope of works included the full fabrication and construction to mechanical completion of the Offshore 3B Recovery Programme including by system:

3B Platform Works

  • Well flow-lines
    • Assessment and repair of damaged flow-lines
  • Gas processing plant
    • Assessment and destruct of all explosion damaged piping systems, structural supports and facility bracings
    • Removal of four off-shell and tube heat exchangers
    • Installation of four off-shell and tube exchangers
    • Destruct of all damaged mechanical and structural equipment
    • Fabrication and installation of new revised process piping systems
    • Fabrication and installation of all new process modules
    • Fabrication and installation of export pipeline corrosion inhibitor skid
  • Utility/safety systems
    • Destruct, fabrication and installation tie-in of revised system support infrastructure:
      • Vent and blow-down systems
      • Firewater
      • Plant and instrument air
      • Fuel gas
      • Nitrogen
      • Drainage system
      • Power generation packages
Rough Storage 3B Offshore Recovery Project
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