Nafoora Augila Oil Field Facilities Libya Technical Audit & Concept Studies


Nafoora Augila Oil Field Facilities Libya Technical Audit & Concept Studies
North Eastern Sirte Basin
$740,000 + $500,000 (Phase 1 + Phase 2)


An OMV review of production options for a new concession area required assessment of the existing Nafoora Central Pumping Station (CPS) and the network of feeder Gas & Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs). An experience operations and engineering team undertook a detailed assessment of the Nafoora field asset to establish the current working condition of the process facilities, safety critical equipment, control and safety systems. The assessment included appraisal of management systems, operating and maintenance regimes and the competency of the work force. The audit was followed by concept studies which considered facility refurbishment and upgrades to support additional production (including water injection) and mitigation measures required to minimise commercial risk.

The audit included:

  • Detailed appraisal of worker occupational health (including exposure to NORM), safety management systems and environmental management provision (IFC emission standards)
  • Appraisal of the process facility remnant capacity and future capability
  • Assessment of the mechanical condition of the major process and facility equipments
  • Corrosion assessment of oil and gas process systems, pipelines and water handling systems
  • Assessment of control and Instrumentation systems (including obsolescence).
  • Electrical generation, distribution, protection, switchgear, main drives and certified equipment
  • Assessment of telecommunications systems
  • Review of existing operations management systems and their utilisation
  • Review of maintenance management systems and information on status.
  • Appraisal of the site camp and welfare facilities.

The phase 2 concept studies included a conceptual review of the facilities and the increased production demands by system, to establish modifications and enhancement required to meet the demands of additional productions rates at the GOSPs and the introduction of new production areas.

Nafoora Augila Oil Field Facilities Libya Technical Audit & Concept Studies
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